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TKT Core Module 3: Teachers' and learners' language in the classroom
Sequencing of instructions


It is not only instructions which need to be carefully ordered.  Explanations and management talk also needs to be logically sequenced or lots of time is wasted in the classroom repairing what you have done because it hasn't been properly understood.  In this sense, repairing means going back to the beginning and explaining again what should have been clear the first time.


Key concepts in this guide

By the end of this guide, you should be able to understand and use these key concepts:

  • repairing
  • getting attention
  • sequencing instructions
  • framing and transitions of lesson stages
  • nominating
  • sequencing teaching talk
    • explanations
    • elicitation
    • information
    • feedback

Look out for these words like this in the text.
There will be tests at the end of the guide for you to check that you understand the ideas.


Getting things in the right order: sequencing instructions

If learners are to get on with learning, they need to know exactly what it they have to do.  All of them need to know, all of the time.

thinkwrite Task 1: Here are the parts of an instruction sequence.
Put them in the right order and then, when you have listed the 7 numbers in the right order, check here.
  1. Repairing if necessary
  2. Getting everyone's attention
  3. Stating the purpose of the activity or task
  4. Stopping the previous activity or task
  5. Giving the necessary instruction to start the task or activity
  6. Stopping the new task or activity
  7. Requiring feedback


Sequencing teaching talk

In the last guide we identified three sorts of teaching talk:

  1. Explaining
  2. Eliciting
  3. Giving feedback
think Task 2: How should these be linked and sequenced?  Think about the question and then click here.

self test

Self-test questions

Before you go on, make sure you can answer these questions.  If you can't, go back to the sections which give you trouble.

If you are happy with your progress, go on.


Tests and practice for TKT

This is a short, simple guide so there's only one practice test.

Test 1 A gap-fill task

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