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TKT Module 2 Practice examination


Before you take the practice examination ...

... it may be helpful for you to follow the short revision course for Module 2 of the TKT.  You can access that by clicking here.
The real TKT has 80 multiple-choice questions and looks a little different from these test items.
If you would like to see exactly how it looks, visit the Cambridge website at https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/tkt/prepare-for-tkt/ and download the example.
With these tests, you can move back and forward (just as on a paper test) but you get the result immediately.
You have 1 hour and 20 minutes to do the test.
To be confident that you are ready for a Module 2 examination, you need to keep a note of your scores and get over 65% overall (at least).
To come into Band 4, you will need 70 out of 80 possible marks (87.5%).  To come into band 3, you will need 45-50 marks out of 80 (56.25-62.5%).

Don't forget: in some tests, you must choose the WRONG answer.  Always read the instruction!

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