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Skills index: in-service training

skills The orange links take you to the guides to each area in the initial plus section.  These guides cover more than the essentials in each area.
Other guides in this index are to more complex areas.

teaching language skills this is an essential starting point
understanding listening skills teaching listening skills understanding reading skills
teaching reading skills understanding speaking skills teaching speaking skills
understanding writing skills teaching writing skills context

assessing listening skills assessing reading skills assessing speaking skills
assessing writing skills teaching reading skills teaching writing skills
backchannelling communicative strategies and tactics for and against essays
inferencing: top-down, bottom-up paragraph structure speaking and adjacency pairs
turn-taking English for Academic Purposes index English for Business
Study skills for a Delta course    


The in-service training topics

background discourse functions general reference
lexis methodology modality and mood pronunciation
skills syntax: phrases, clauses, sentences teaching and materials testing and assessment
verbs and tenses Business English English for Academic Purposes a list of lists
a 10-unit language analysis course learn to /træn.ˈskraɪb/ index of courses on this site glossaries on this site
Other links:
the teacher training index the TKT course the CELTA section initial training plus the Delta section teacher development for teacher trainers
about language this is an index of guides concerned much more generally with language (and English in particular).