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Lexis index: in-service training

word class map for links to guides to all eight major word classes
adjectives adverbs adverbial intensifiers
ambiguity circumstances classifiers, partitives and group nouns
cognates and false friends colligation collocation
comparison compounding determiners
gender gradability IP gradience: adverb determiner or what?
idiomaticity intensifying adjectives lexis and meaning: essentials IP
lexical relationships lexicogrammar markedness
modification overview morphology multi-word verbs
nominalisation nouns partitives and classifiers
polysemy and homonymy pre- and post-determiners prepositions of place
prepositions of time prepositional phrases prepositions with other meanings
indefinite and impersonal pronouns pronouns: brief overview reporting verbs
reporting verbs in EAP semantics shell nouns
so and such spelling in English synonymy
will and would testing vocabulary word and phrase class
word class and syntax word formation the word order map
The guides marked IP is in the initial plus section.

The in-service training topics

background discourse functions general reference
lexis methodology modality and mood pronunciation
skills syntax: phrases, clauses, sentences teaching and materials testing and assessment
verbs and tenses Business English English for Academic Purposes a list of lists
a 10-unit language analysis course learn to /træn.ˈskraɪb/ index of courses on this site glossaries on this site
Other links:
the teacher training index the TKT course the CELTA section initial training plus the Delta section teacher development for teacher trainers
about language this is an index of guides concerned much more generally with language (and English in particular).