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Support for Delta candidates


As you are aware, all the materials on this site are free and open to all.  This usually means that there is not going to be ongoing professional support for anyone.
However, just one of the ways in which this site is unusual is that this is not invariably the case and a certain amount of email support is, in fact, available and not only for people taking any of the three Delta Modules.  There are catches, of course, and this is how it works:

  1. The support which is offered is completely free of any charges.
  2. Support will be provided by qualified and experienced Delta tutors.
  3. Any support you are given may be withdrawn at any time without notice and without explanation.
  4. Support is only available to those who can convince ELT Concourse that they are deserving cases unable or unwilling to access paid-for or other forms of tutorial support.
  5. No promises or guarantees whatsoever are made concerning the promptness, reliability or accuracy of the support provided via this site.
  6. Support will only be supplied via one of the site's email addresses.  No other personal contact will be possible.
  7. Support comes in these forms:
    1. feedback on mock examination questions you find on this site for Module One
    2. reading and commenting on one Background Essay and one Lesson Plan for Module Two
    3. advice regarding how to complete the Professional Development Assignment for Module Two
    4. reading and commenting on two sections (only) of the essay for Module Three
    5. question-and-answer sessions during which someone knowledgeable will try to help with specific issues you may be encountering as you prepare for the Modules.  These sessions will not be live so be patient, please.
    6. general encouragement and advice

This is not a free Delta course but it is free support for you.


Applying for support

If you would like to be considered for some support while you are preparing for Delta, this is how the system works:

  1. Download the application form: click here.
  2. Complete the form and save it with your name in the document title as, e.g.: John_Smith_Application_online_support.pdf.
  3. Email your form as an attachment to the address given at the foot of the form.  In the subject line of the email you must include: Your name + application for Delta support.
  4. Wait for a response (it may not be immediate).

The form should open and allow you to fill in the details in Adobe Acrobat (or other PDF reader).  If you encounter any difficulty with filling in the form, please write to ELT Concourse (use the contact page) and ask for help.

If your application is successful:

You will receive an email asking you what you want to discuss or what support you would like.  Please be prepared for that.

If your application is unsuccessful:

You will receive a short email informing you of the fact.  Please understand that no correspondence will be entered into concerning unsuccessful support applications.
Your application may not be successful for a number of reasons (including the availability of tutor time).  You will be told if you are eligible to re-apply at a later date.