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Reading and reference lists for Delta


Unlike pre-service training courses, Delta is a Level 7 qualification.  This means that you will be asked to do a good deal of research and reading while preparing, teaching and writing for assessment.
The following are also linked from elsewhere on the site but they are brought together here for convenience.
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General Grammar and Systems references This is a short(ish) list of grammars, most of which are above the level of those intended for learners.  Many have been used in preparation for guides on this site.
General Skills references This list is divided into the usual four skills but all skills overlap to some extent.
References and reading for Modules One and Two For Module One, which is assessed via an examination, you are not required to cite specific works.  However, you are expected to have prepared for the papers.
For Module Two, Background Essays and Plans should be copiously referenced.
Module Three Reading list (ELT Specialism) This list is divided into the relevant areas for a Module Three essay on an ELT specialism but there are significant overlaps.
Module Three reading list (Management) This is also divided, somewhat arbitrarily, into references associated with various areas of management but, again, categories overlap.
The list of lists Many guides on this site contain lists which are available as PDF documents.  This is the index of them.
The glossaries index There is a range of different glossaries on the site for areas such as phonology, methodology, language and systems.

If you would like some advice concerning conventional referencing and how to integrate citation into your essays, try the guide to writing a Background Essay for Module Two.

If you have found and/or used references which you feel should be included, let ELT Concourse know.