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How to write a good Delta Module Two Reflection and Evaluation


Is the Reflection and Evaluation important?

Yes!  The ability to evaluate what happened in the classroom and why is critical.
A failed lesson may be rescued by a good Reflection and Evaluation because it shows insight and honest reflection.  A Pass lesson may be considered a Merit or better for the same reason.
Your role at this stage of the assignment is reflector not planner, justifier or assessor.

The criteria for this section are:

Successful candidates demonstrate that they can effectively:

  1. reflect on and evaluate their own planning, teaching and the learners’ progress as evidenced in this lesson
  2. identify key strengths and weaknesses in planning and execution
  3. explain how they will/would consolidate/follow on from the learning achieved in the lesson

Don't be tempted to refer in general to your teaching abilities.  This document is about this lesson.

assessorssay What assessors sometimes say on 10a:
The candidate reflects on the lesson and some of its main strengths and weaknesses but makes no comment on her planning (as it turned out, a key issue in terms of timing and challenge).
Much of what is written here concerns the candidate's own progress and professional development.  Very little is said about what the learners achieved.
The candidate has failed to identify any evidence to support her assertions concerning strengths and weaknesses and their effects on learning.

This criterion addresses three areas:

assessorssay What assessors sometimes say on 10b:
The candidate identifies a number of strengths and weaknesses but has not prioritised these in terms of effect on learning outcomes.
The candidate's view of the lesson is overly positive with only strengths identified.
The candidate has failed to note the most important weakness (i.e., the level of challenge).
The candidate focuses only on weaknesses and has not identified the high levels of engagement and motivation she managed to evince.

There are two areas to focus on:

assessorssay What assessors sometimes say on 10c:
The candidate has a number of suggestions for her own development but does not say how she would follow up on this lesson.
The candidate has suggested a way forward but it is too vague to be clear and simply suggests more of the same.
The candidate suggests a follow-up procedure but it is not clear how this is based on what happened in this lesson.

Even if you are never going to see the class again, you still need to focus on this area.  Remember:

Here's a summary of what should go in the Reflection and Evaluation.  Keep it by you as you write.


You only have a maximum of 500 words to expend so use them wisely.  Be succinct and stay relevant.
Not everything in the diagram above will be relevant to all lessons.  You need to select the points in each section which are most crucial to your lesson.
Use 300 to 350 words to reflect and identify the key issues and reserve around 150 words to set out your future action(s).