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Delta Module Two: meeting the teaching criteria


There are four Delta criteria areas for teaching

Meeting the criteria in the four teaching sections is, of course, vital.  You will not pass unless you meet most of them.
Much concerns planning, too, because it is not possible to separate good planning from good teaching, but a lot is to do with how you respond in the classroom to events as they arise.
The guides in this section cover all the criteria but you may be interested in the guide to the critical criteria based on reports issued by Cambridge for Module Two (that will open in a new tab).

assessorssay What assessors sometimes say:
In each of these guides, we have included typical negative comments from assessors.
The aim is to help you avoid these sorts of comments being made about your lessons.


The teaching criteria sections and preparing to teach:

Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Preparing to teach
relationships language procedures management visualising the lesson

The last section concerns a visualisation exercise to help you relax during the lesson and know exactly what you are doing.
Do that after you have been through the other four sections.