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The Delta Module Two criteria explained



The three sets of criteria

There are three sets of criteria for the Cambridge Assessment English Delta Module Two with which you need to be familiar.

  1. Criteria for the Background Essay
    There are four sections of these of these, containing 15 criteria, to do with
    1. the quality of the writing
    2. the focus and reasons for selecting the area
    3. the analysis of the topic
    4. consideration of the difficulties faced by learners and teachers
    5. suggestions for overcoming these issues.
  2. Criteria for the second part of a Language Systems of Skills Assignment come in three parts:
    1. Planning (12 criteria)
    2. Teaching (17 criteria)
    3. Reflection and Evaluation (3 criteria)
  3. Criteria for the Professional Development Assignment in two parts:
    1. the Reflection and Action (Part A)
    2. the Experimental Practice (Part B)

The criteria are also, slightly less accessibly, explained in the Handbook for Tutors and Candidates which you can download from Cambridge's website.

How you can best meet the criteria is explained in the relevant sections of the Delta materials on this site linked in the list below.  The following links are to short documents only which outline what each criterion means and gives a little advice on how to meet them.
The links are to PDF documents and open in a new tab.

The Background Essay criteria
The Planning, Teaching and Reflection and Evaluation criteria
The Professional Development Assignment criteria
The Delta index