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Delta Module One Mock Examination Papers


This page contains links to two complete Papers 1 and Papers 2 for the Delta Module One examination and to suggested answer keys for all papers.  Each document is in PDF format and will open in a new tab.  You can save it and then print it from there.

Obviously, if you choose to, you can simply go to the answer keys and read through them.  However, resources like these are scarce so a wiser choice by far is to download the papers, do them under examination conditions, including keeping to the recommend time for each task, and then, and only then, download the suggested answer keys and compare your answers, using the examination marking guidelines included in the keys.

The ideal way is to give a knowledgeable colleague your papers and the keys and let him/her mark it objectively.  It is, of course, entirely up to you.

Good luck!


A note on purposes

A mock examination is fundamentally a process task, not a product task.
This means that it is the process of doing the task which leads to learning and the marks you get for it are less important (although very poor or brilliant performance can be indicative of knowledge and skills level as with all process tasks).
You are encouraged, therefore, to view the marking scheme critically and not to dismiss your own responses because they do not happen to be mentioned in the key to the papers.  The keys, in other words, are intended to be indicative, not exhaustive or authoritative.
Do not waste these resources – they are rare and difficult to construct.  Cambridge has a policy (it seems) of not issuing past papers for Delta and only two, one out of date, are available in the public domain.

The marks you need to get over the two papers combined are, approximately:
Pass: 100 | Pass with Merit: 130 | Pass with Distinction: 150

Here are the links to the files:

Mock 1 Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 1 key Paper 2 key Tips and pointers
Mock 2 Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 1 key Paper 2 key
If you would like to do some revision tests before you tackle the mock, use these links: Paper 1
Paper 2
Tips and pointers concern the three areas singled out by examiners as problematic.


A polite note for centres running paid-for Delta Module One courses

If you are charging people for a Delta Module One preparation course, you are very firmly discouraged from using these free materials.  They are here for people who can't or can't afford to do a commercial course.
Like everything else on this site, the materials are, of course, free under certain conditions.  See the Home page for details.
However, if you are taking people's money, it behoves you to invest some of it in constructing your own mock examination materials or commissioning someone else to do it if you lack the skills.
Someone with a cynical turn of mind might, naturally, enquire why, if you do not have the skills, you are being daring enough to take people's money for a preparation course.
If you feel you have a good reason for using these materials on your courses, please write to ELT Concourse explaining why.