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The Delta Module One Revision Course


You are advised not do the revision course until you have finished the course for Module 1 on this site or taken a face-to-face preparation course.
Click here to go to the Module One Course Index and Introduction.

This revision course covers all the topics in the Delta examination for Module 1.
Before you do this course, during it or at the end, you may like to try the 100-item multiple-choice test in terminology for ELT to identify areas you need to revisit (or visit).

The glossary section on this site may be helpful (new tab).  Apart from the glossaries, it contains a set of tests and some crossword puzzles for those who like such things.


You will need a pen and paper to respond to tasks and questions before checking your answers

The revision questions and task in this short course are designed on the premise that you have taken the Delta Module One preparation course on this site, following the links to the obligatory and some of the recommended guides.
If you have taken a face-to-face course for Delta Module One and have come here for revision, that's fine, too.

In each section, you will need to respond to the question by writing some short notes.  You can, of course simply click for the answer at any time but if you do that, you are wasting your time.  Revision means thinking things through again and making sure you have understood.  So ...


If you have significant problems doing the tasks in any one of these areas, you should use the link at the end to go back to the relevant section of the Module One course.

This menu is repeated at the bottom of each part of the revision course so you can choose the next area you want to look at.

the Delta Module One revision index theoretical perspectives approaches and methodologies
language systems language skills resources
assessment the 100-item terminology test The Delta Module One course proper