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The Cambridge Delta: a candidate's guide


This guide is free to download and includes:

  • The Delta Scheme – terminology, systems and assessment
  • An overview of each Module explaining content, grade requirements and the systems
  • Frequently asked questions about the Delta Scheme
  • Some essential background for Delta including:
    • Theories of second-language acquisition
    • Understanding methodology
    • Language Systems Analysis for Delta: a map of the territory
    • Language Skills Analysis for Delta: a map of the territory
  • Delta Module One – the papers and how they are marked with some examination advice
  • Delta Module Two – how to prepare for a course, the components and how to meet the criteria
  • Delta Module Three – how to write the Module essay for an ELT specialism or the ELT Management option
  • What makes an expert teacher?
  • A list of links to guides, lists and courses on this site

Look in the header of the document for the version number.  The current version is v12.  It weighs in at around 3.39MB, by the way.

You may also be interested in the guide to writing style for Delta which contains advice about formality, referencing, plagiarism, hedging, accuracy and so on.

Neither guide is for sale and neither may be sold.

Download the Candidate Guide  
Download the Writing Style Guide