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Concourse 2

Initial plus training: language skills index

teaching language skills this is the essential starting point
what is reading? teaching reading: essentials what is writing?
teaching writing what is speaking? teaching speaking
speaking and adjacency pairs what is listening? teaching listening
The guides in the in-service area, some of which are longer and more difficult, can be accessed here:
in-service skills index    

The initial plus training topics

background and methodology language functions language skills learn to transcribe
sentences and clauses teaching and materials terminology and references verbs and tenses
words and vocabulary a list of lists sentence grammar essentials pronunciation
essential guides a 10-unit language analysis course index of courses on this site glossaries on this site
Other links:
the teacher training index a basic training course the free TKT course the CELTA section in-service training the Delta section teacher development
about language this is an index of guides concerned much more generally with language (and English in particular).