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Frequently Asked Questions about Training to Train


Q: Is the course certificated?
A: No.
Most paid-for courses will be, however, although the value of some certificates for courses which are not independently accredited is somewhat obscure.
You are welcome to state under oath that you have completed the course but ELT Concourse is not in a position to substantiate any claims you may make.

Q: If I am running or working on a paid-for trainer-training course, can I use the materials from this one?
A: It is difficult to stop you but it is unprofessional thievery which is not condoned or permitted.  You are, of course, welcome to provide your trainees with a link to this course but not in a way that implies that ELT Concourse approves of you or what you are doing.
You may not use this material for commercial purposes and that includes using it on fee-paying teacher training courses.

Q: Is any support available apart from the materials, tests and worksheets?
A: Not reliably.
This is not a taught course but some informal support via email is available for all visitors to any area of the site.
If you have a question or are puzzled about something, have feedback to give or a suggestion to make, feel free to get in touch.

Q: Who wrote it?
A: It is not the policy of this site to ascribe authorship to any of the materials unless the author specifically requests it.  The materials were constructed and are updated and maintained by an author with over 30 years' experience of training teachers at all levels, from those starting out on a career in ELT to those upgrading their knowledge and skills at tertiary educational institutions and on MA courses in both the private and public sectors.  In addition, the author has many years' experience as an academic manager and educational consultant running in-house workshops and support programmes for teachers at all levels of experience.

Q: What does the course cost?
A: Nothing.  Really.

Q: Who is the course suitable for?
A: It is designed for current English Language teachers or academic managers who want to convert to being a teacher trainer for at least part of their time.  This may be someone seeking to train on initial training programmes such as CELTA or the Trinity Cert TESOL or at higher, in-service levels such as on Cambridge Delta or Trinity Diploma courses.
It is also suitable for those working as academic managers or senior teachers who want to get involved in monitoring, assessing, refining and upgrading the skills and knowledge of the teaching staff in any kind of institution.
Experienced trainers and those who are concerned with leading workshops and training sessions at conferences and so on may also find something of value in the course.

Q: Can I ask another question?
A: Yes, of course.  Please use the Contact page.