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Concourse 2

A language analysis course – try the tests again


This is an alphabetic list of all the tests in the course, except those which are embedded in the units.
Start wherever you like.

adjectives aspects 3 determiners multi-word verbs (or not) prepositions vowels
adverbials clauses talking about the future nouns pronouns What is a phoneme?
adverbs: the first test cohesion intonation talking about now sentence types word class
adverbs: the second test conditional sentences modality 1 the passive voice the English tense system word formation
talking about always conjunctions modality 2 talking about the past text type and genres word meanings
aspects 1 connected speech modality 3 personal pronouns theme and rheme word relationships
aspects 2 consonants morphemes phrase analysis lexical or main verbs  

There are two other tests you may like to try:

A terminology test This is a 50-item test of all the most important terms you have encountered during the course.
It may help as revision.
A test of understanding This is a 20-item test which focuses on concepts, not terminology.