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Grammar references


You may find some of the following helpful if you are looking for more detail.
There are two types of grammars, divisible into two subgroups:

  1. Prescriptive grammars, which tell you what is correct and what is wrong
  2. Descriptive grammars which attempt to describe and analyse what native speakers actually say and write

The majority of the references here are of the second sort.

The subgroups are:

  1. Pedagogic grammars intended for learners which usually simplify somewhat and make some assumptions regarding how language is learned.  Examples from this list are Swan, 2005 and Foley and Hall, 1988.

  2. Reference grammars intended for teachers and other researchers which try to be as complete and in-depth as possible.  Examples below are Leech and Svartvik, 2003 and Miller, 2002.

The title of the book usually betrays what sort it is.

Online resources are not listed here (there are simply too many of them) but there is a guide on this site (new tab) to considering which ones to trust.  These sorts of resources fall, very roughly, into the same categories as books.
Many of the following have been drawn on when compiling language-analysis guides for this site.

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Meaning and the English Verb

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