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... a something of something ...

Have a cup of tea!

In this lesson you can learn how to talk about parts of things.

Usually, words like tea, milk, sugar, water, love, paper do not have plural forms.

All of these are WRONG:

Instead, we say:

This is because many words in English are uncountable: we cannot count milk, sugar, water, paper etc.

When we want to make these words plural, we use the something of something structure as in a cup of tea, a bottle of milk and a glass of water.  Here are some more examples:

tea cereal
a cup of tea a bowl of cereal
sugar bread
five cubes of sugar a loaf and some slices of bread
beer honey
a glass of beer a spoonful of honey
dust pickles
a cloud of dust three jars of pickles
string chips
a ball of string a portion of chips
cake ice
a slice of cake a block of ice
paper water
a sheet of paper a drop of water
sand chocolate
a small pile of sand a bar of chocolate
test Task 1: How many can you remember?

write Task 2: Now try to put the right words next to the pictures in this table.

bread six ______ of bread pizza a ______ of pizza
stones many ______ of stone wool six ______ of wool
dust a ______ of smoke cereal a ______ of cereal 
marmalade twelve ______ of marmalade beans a ______ of beans
ketchup four ______ of ketchup music a ______ of music
ice a ______ of ice wine a ______ of wine
blood five ______ of blood soup a ______ of soup
soap many ______ of soap stones a ______ of stones 
Click here to show the answers.


If you forget the right word ... 

It is better to use the right word, of course, but if you can't remember it, use: