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Some prepositions


read Task 1: Look at picture and the words in red here.


The glass is on the table The chair is next to the table
The ball is under the table The water is in the glass
The light is over the glass The light is above the glass

All these sentences are right.  These sentences are wrong:

The glass is onto the table
The ball is into the table

Why?  Click here when you have the answer.

These sentences are all right:

I put the glass on the table I put the chair next to the table
I put the glass onto the table I put the chair beside the table
I put the ball under the table I put the water into the glass
I put the water in the glass I put glass under the light
I put the light on the table I put the light above the glass

Some prepositions are OK for position and movement.  Some can ONLY be used for movement.

Here are some more examples of prepositions:

wine glass fruit The glass is between the bottle and the fruit.
The bottle is next to the glass.
The glass is next to the fruit.
The fruit is in the bowl.
pour Pour the wine into the glass.
There is wine in the glass.
The wine comes out of the bottle.
table The mirror is over the table.
The vase is on the table.
The table is between two chairs.
The table is under the mirror.
I put the table between the chairs.
write Task 2: Can you put the right prepositions in the boxes?  Click on the table when you have done the task.
Choose from: in, on, above, into, under, between, onto, off, away from, over, below

watch Task 3: For more examples of prepositions, watch this short video.

watch Task 4: For some more examples of prepositions for you to learn, watch this next short video.

Now take the test.