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Verbs and tenses index: in-service training

verbs Guides to the basic tense forms and uses are available from the initial plus index and are not linked separately from this page.  If you are interested in focusing on a particular tense form, you may find helpful information in those guides.
Tenses are also considered in some detail in the guides to time, tense and aspect.
Modal auxiliary verbs are in their own section.

types of verbs and clauses aspect catenative verbs
causatives complex tense forms concord
copular verbs finite vs. non-finite verbs four future forms
four more future forms the future in the past infinitive
interrogatives mood multi-word verbs
modality: tense and aspect negation the passive voice
reported or indirect speech stative and dynamic uses tense and genre
tense in dependent clauses guides to time, tense and aspect verbal processes

The in-service training topics

background discourse functions general reference
lexis methodology modality and mood pronunciation
skills syntax: phrases, clauses, sentences teaching and materials testing and assessment
verbs and tenses English for Academic Purposes a list of lists a short language analysis course
learn to /træn.ˈskraɪb/ index of courses on this site
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