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CELTA written assignment: focus on language structure


The purpose of the assignment

The CELTA handbook explains that this assignment allows you to demonstrate that you can:

That's a lot to cover in 1000 words so you need to be concise and stay focused.  This is not the place to discuss generalities.


The structure of the assignment

Your centre will probably give you a set of instructions for your assignments.  You'd be foolish to ignore these.
What follows is generic advice.

Most centres give you a choice of structures to write about, some may even give you a free hand.

This is in the genre of an Information Report and it has two parts:


focus on systems structure


Investigating the language structure

Before you start, review the guide to Topic 2 of the CELTA syllabus.

In that guide, you were directed to sources of help and information:

A Basic Training Course This is a pre-CELTA course and this part will introduce you to some key grammar analysis.
A short Language Analysis Course This course covers the elements of pronunciation, words, phrases, clauses, sentences and text structures.
A Simple English Grammar This is written for elementary students and will help you to explain simply some grammatical ideas in the classroom.
Grammar reference materials For a list of grammars and some comments about which to use.
Search ELT Concourse If you are looking for something specific you have decided or been told to teach.
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