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Concourse 2

Where next?

doors This short course covered the basics of the six traditionally recognised areas of language analysis.  It is to be hoped that you are now aware of some key concepts and feeling ready to move on.

It was not intended to be exhaustive.

If you are serious about a career in language teaching, there's a good deal more you need to know.
You also need to get yourself qualified in some way.

There is some advice and answers to frequently asked questions for people considering entering the profession on this site.
where next?  

There are a number of routes you can take now and the choice will depend on what you want to do, where you are and where you want to be.

Take the complete free TKT course on this site TKT stands for Teaching Knowledge Test.  It is a qualification designed by Cambridge Universities examinations and qualifications wing and, in their words: is ideal for people who want to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.
Take a face-to-face initial-teaching qualification There are two internationally recognised qualifications which are usually short, full-time, 4-week courses.  The link on the left will take you to the area of this site intended to help people doing courses like these.
Use the guides on this site for people entering the profession If you don't feel ready to take a full training course, the link on the left will take you to the initial-plus training index on this site.  There you will find links to a range of language and skills analysis guides and much else.
Do the procedural part of a basic teacher-training course The link on the left will take you to a basic teacher-training course.  This course does not lead to a recognised qualification but it will give you some practical classroom ideas to start you off.
Investigate areas of interest in both language and methodology The link on the left will take you to an index of all the guides for teachers on this site.  You can browse that to find anything that interests or intrigues you.
Follow the guides in the teacher development section of this site These guides are primarily intended for teachers already in post and wanting to increase their repertoire of ideas and classroom behaviours.  If you are already teaching, they may be helpful.
What not to do:
Do not be tempted by wholly on-line teacher training courses which suggest in any way that they are internationally recognised qualifications.
They are not, whatever their claims may be.
There are many such courses on the web and they are all virtually worthless in terms of getting a properly recognised qualification.  They are interested in your money, not your development.