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Concourse 2

Shops and shopping

shopping street

There are lots of different kinds of shops and shops sell different sorts of things.  Some shops only sell one sort of things, others sell almost everything.
Here are some of the common ones:

shoe shop a shoe shop for shoes, boots, sandals etc. bakery a bakery or baker's shop for bread, rolls, cakes etc.
supermarket a supermarket for almost everything but mostly food and drink greengrocer a greengrocer for fruit and vegetables
clothes shop a clothes shops for shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses etc.  grocer a grocery or grocer's shop for food
confectioner a confectionery or confectioner's for cakes and sweet things butcher a butcher's for meat
shopping centre a shopping centre (or mall in America) for many different sorts of shops  department store a department store for almost everything
corner shop a local or 'corner' shop for everyday things tobacco a tobacconist for cigarettes, cigars and tobacco
petrol station a petrol station (gas station in America) for fuel, sandwiches, sweets etc. stationer a stationer's or stationery shop for pens, pencils, paper and books
newsagent a newsagent for newspapers, magazines, books etc. market an open-air market for food, clothes and many other things
souvenir shop a souvenir shop for things to buy on holiday bookshop a bookshop for books, magazines etc.
electrical shop an electrical shop for lights, lamps, switches etc.  jewelry a jeweller's for necklaces, earrings, watches, rings etc. 

test Can you find what you want?
Now try a test to see if you can remember the names of the shops.


Going shopping

read Now read this telephone conversation and look carefully at the words in red. 
Maud: Hello, Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Hello, Maud.  How are you?
Maud: I'm fine.  Look, do you want to go shopping this morning?
Elizabeth:  I don't mind.  Where do you want to go?
Maud:  I want to try the new shopping centre in Ramsgate.  People say it's great.
Elizabeth:  OK.  That sounds good but Peter's got the car today.
Maud:  I'll pick you up.  I need to go to the petrol station for fuel anyway.
Elizabeth:  Good.  What time?
Maud:  About 10?  Then we can get a coffee and a pastry at the confectioner's.
Elizabeth:  Do they sell birthday cakes?  I need one for Peter next Monday.
Maud:  I guess so.  See you later.
Later at the shopping centre
Elizabeth:  OK.  Where do we start?
Maud:  The shoe shop.  I always need shoes!
Elizabeth:  And I need some boots for the winter.
In the shoe shop
Maud:  Those are nice.  I hope they've got them in my size.
There's the
Excuse me.  Do you have these
in a 38?
Assistant:  Yes.  But only in black.
Maud: That's a shame.  I wanted a brown pair.
Assistant: We have this style in black as well as in brown.
Maud: I'm not sure.  I'll think about it and come back.  They are a bit expensive.
Assistant:  But very good quality.
Elizabeth:  I don't see what I want so we'll try somewhere else.
Maud:  OK.  Now I need something for Peter's birthday.
Elizabeth:  Do you have something in mind
Maud:  Yes, there's a new gardening encyclopaedia he really wants.  There's a bookshop.  I'll try there.
Elizabeth:  OK.  I'm going to look in at the jeweller's for some earrings.
Maud:  I hope you've brought your credit card.  There's nothing cheap there.
Elizabeth:  Oh, it's not for me.  It's a present for my mother's 60th.  But you are right.  I don't have enough cash so I'll use plastic.
Maud:  Alright.  I'll see you later at the coffee shop over there.  Their fruit pies look delicious.
Elizabeth:  OK.  But I also need some fresh bread so I'll try to find a bakery.
Maud:  Don't worry.  I need to see if there's a clothes shop here, too.  I want a new pullover.
Elizabeth:  I saw one near the entrance.  They have lots of woollen stuff.
Maud:  Fine.  See you later.
Elizabeth:  See you.

readtest Read the conversation again and look up any words you don't understand.
Then try the last test.