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Concourse 2

Big words


big, deep, great, high, serious and strong

In this lesson we look at words in English which mean 'big' or 'strong'.
Look at these sentences and the words in red and black.
The adjectives are in red and the nouns are in black.

It was a serious crime.

The price was too high.

There's a big difference between them.

That's a great mistake.

There's a strong possibility.

He has a deep interest in mathematics.

All these words mean something like 'big' but we don't say 'The price was big.' or 'It was a strong mistake.' in English.
write The first thing to do is see how your language says things.

Task 1: Translate the following into your language.  In English we use a different adjective for every noun.  What does your language do?

  1. The rain was heavy and the wind was strong.
  2. It makes a big difference.
  3. Nelson Mandela was a great man in South Africa.
  4. A big man is standing in the street.
  5. He is a heavy smoker.

In your language:

  1. Is there a different word for big and great?
  2. Can you have a heavy wind or strong rain?

Task 2: Right or Wrong?

think Now look at this and think.
Are they right or wrong?
Click on the table when you have an answer.

big etc. 1

Task 3: Reading

read Now read this.
Look at what adjectives go with the nouns.
  1. He has made a big mistake and he's in serious trouble.
  2. He was driving at a very high speed and had a serious accident
  3. Now we have a great problem with the road.
  4. There's a great danger of heavy snow tomorrow.
  5. I have a strong interest in buying it but the cost is too high.
  6. He didn't make a serious attempt but it was great fun.
Task 4: Click here to do the first exercise.