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Concourse 2

My morning


read Task 1: Read this text and look at the words in red and black.
Use your dictionary for words you don't know.

My day starts very early.  I usually get up at about 5:30 in the morning to have my breakfast.  I always like this time of day because the family is asleep and I have time for me.

I always make coffee and have a bowl of cereal.  I sometimes read a magazine or surf the net.

It doesn't take me long to finish and by ten to six, I am generally ready to make breakfast for the family.

eggs My wife and the children like a cooked breakfast and I usually fry some eggs and make toast for them.
They also prefer tea so I always make a big pot for them and put out the milk and sugar on the table.
Now the fun starts.
My youngest always wakes up first and gets out of bed quickly.  Like me, she likes the mornings.  The rest of the family is different!
tired My older daughter always looks tired and unhappy in the mornings and she doesn't talk to anyone.  It is better not to talk to her, too!
She works in a hospital so she sometimes has to go to work very early but she sometimes works at night so she stays in bed until lunchtime.
My wife works, too, and she always gets up next and comes for breakfast.
By 7:00 the family are all ready to go out.
bus My youngest daughter leaves first because the school bus comes at 7:15 every morning and she never misses it.  It gets her to school at about 8:30 because the school is a long way from our house.  She does her homework on the bus with her classmates.
My other daughter often leaves next and rides her bicycle to the hospital.
Then I go and walk to the station.  I usually take the underground to the office but sometimes I take the car.  My wife often washes up before she goes to work.
tube The train is usually quite busy at this time in the morning but I only travel for two stops and then I can walk to the office to start my day.
The first thing I generally do when I get to the office is have another cup of strong coffee and check my emails.
We work with people all over the world so messages frequently come in at night and I need to answer them quickly before everyone in America goes home.

readthink Task 1: Look at the words in red.
What kind of words are they?
Use your dictionary for words you don't know and click here when you have the answer.
readthink Task 2: Look at the words in black.
What kind of words are they?
Use your dictionary for words you don't know and click here when you have the answer.
readthink Task 3: Look at the words in black.
Do they come before or after the main verb?
Click here when you have the answer.
Do we say:
I go usually
or do we say:
I usually go?

test Task 4:
Now click here to do a test to see if you understand the text.



Task 5:
Now try another test to make sure you understand the grammar.