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ELT Concourse: frequently asked questions

Q: If the site is free and carries no promotional or advertising material, what's in it for the contributors and editors?
A: Nothing.

Q: How can I use the material?
A: Pretty much any way you like if it's not commercial.  There's brief explanation on the home page.  For more, refer to the link there to the Creative Commons licence statement.

Q: Can I change the material to suit my situation?
A: Yes, you can amend, build on and develop the material as you like but you can't then use what you have done for commercial or promotional purposes nor may you make copies to post on commercial websites (i.e., any which carry paid-for advertising).  You must, however, state what you have changed and how.  If you publish the material in any way, you must do so under the same Creative Commons licence or a similar licence.

Q: If I want to use or quote from material on this site, how do I credit it?
A: This is the simplest way: Name of material (if known) + Name of author (if known) + www.eltconcourse.com + address of the page + [date accessed].

Q: What can I contribute to the site?
A: Anything that fits with the categories currently on the site.  Please remember that this is not a blog site so it is not the appropriate place for simple statements of unsupported opinion.  If you have a tub to thump or an axe to grind, work up your thoughts into a proper article and it will probably get published.

Q: Can I post a message on the site?
A: No.  This is not a blog site.  There are plenty of English Language Teaching sites where you can post comments.  However, you can send a question or a longer comment at any time by using the Contact page.  If it's interesting and suitable, it'll be published.  See the next section.

Q: How do I send contributions?
A: Please refer to the Contributions area of the site.

Q: I have seen materials from ELT Concourse on other sites.  Does that mean ELT Concourse put them there?
A: No.  They have been illegally used in breach of the Creative Commons copyright, i.e., stolen.  If you use the materials on this site nobody will sell on your email address or target advertising at you.  Your choice.

Q: Is ELT Concourse affiliated to any other site, ELT provider, publisher, examination board or ELT service?
A: No, the site is not affiliated to anyone.  It is 100% independent.

Q: Can I advertise on ELT Concourse?
A: No.  ELT Concourse does not accept advertising.

Q: Can I link to this site?
A: Yes, but not in a way that suggests ELT Concourse is affiliated to any other site or approves of it.

Q: How can I tell colleagues about the site?
A: You can download a small ELT Concourse poster to print from this link.

Q: Will you put in a link to my site?
A: Maybe.  You need to say what it is and what it's for.

Q: Can I ask another question?
A: Yes, of course.  Please use the Contact page.